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SWF Memory Dumper
Simple Tool to get SWF Files out of an applications memory.

Raw Data AoB Extractor
Simple Tool to format raw data generated by Sothink SWF Decompiler

Diablo 3 Item Affix Parser
Simple Tool to get item affixes from un-ided items in Diablo 3.

Call of Gods Automator
A bot for the flash game "Call of Gods", only for Kongregate servers

Automated search bot for GPT site

Flash AVM2 u30 Converter
Convert decimal integers to u30 hex for use with AVM2

Strong Password Generator
Generate random passwords based on user defined "rules"

Sol Swapper
Quickly and easily swap .sol files. no more hunting for the right folder

Monitor Shutoff
Turn off the monitor with the click of a button, useful on laptops