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Swf and Unity Memory Dumper

Here's a little software I made that some bytecode hackers here might find useful to get their flash SWF and Unity dll files. It is largely based on the old swfmdump from Mr. White.


SWF Memory dumper for Windows x64

SWF Memory dumper for Windows x86


Flash games need to be uncompressed and decrypted in memory, before flash can play them in your browser. So if you manage to get games directly from browser memory, you bypass zlib compression, mochicrypt encryption and stuff like that, and get a ready-to-hack file. 

Likewise, with Unity games it is possible to obtain the games source code by extracting the unity dll files from memory.


  • Load your flash or unity game entirely, then open swfmdump.exe
  • Select your browser process in left list (iexplore.exe, firefox.exe, whatever)
  • Select Flash or Unity
  • Hit scan button
  • Select one or more files from the right list, based uppon file size (games will most likely size more than 1MB, these larger files are marked with a star)
  • Hit dump button; your files get written to the desktop by default, but this can be changed to any folder in the options menu.
  • Reverse files in  the decompiler of your choice. Typically Sothink or Jpexs for flash files and Redgate Reflector for unity files.