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Chrome about:memory 0xPID mod

UPDATE: 1/27/2014
The old method no longer works since chrome has switched from res files to their own custom resource pack. I have written a small tool to automatically patch the file.
Before Patch After Patch


before beginning its probably best to warn you, this is best done by advanced computer users, there is a possibility for you to mess up your software if you screw this up. and really, you should inspect the code i will post here, and not just blindly trust internet strangers.... We take no responsibility for your fuck ups.

Sometimes its useful to know the hex value of the PID of chrome processes.  but chrome only gives the PID in decimal, so i figured i would rectify that situation with some code.

When I first delved into this, I hoped it would be as simple as making and installing an extension. Unfortunately, its a tad more complicated than all that. (or less complicated as the case may be, well easier to do, but harder to distribute)

Most PE (portable executable) files have embedded resources in them. This can be images or even just text strings, pretty much whatever. When we look at chrome's memory manager, we know that there must be an html template for it somewhere. It is embedded inside of chrome.dll so we will need a tool to edit it.

If you dont have it already, go grab a copy of reshacker from Its an awesome tool and can even be used to customize your windows settings like the start menu icon.

so go ahead and run reshacker, and open chrome .dll which is located in c:/users/username/appdata/local/google/chrome/application/version number
if you have multiple versions, pick the folder with the biggest number

once you open it, you will see this.

Expand the bin data folder and then expand the 500 folder then click on the gear labeled 0.
in the right side it should say "about:memory template page"

just take all that text in there and replace it with this code

Main Changes:

function hexPID(value){
  var pid = value + "--->hex= " + value.toString(16);
  return pid;


<td class='pid'>
     <span class='th' jscontent="hexPID($"></span>

what this code does different is instead of just displaying the PID it sends the PID to a function we added called hexPID and then displays the results. the PID column also becomes wider.

to finalize the change, make sure chrome is not running, then  click the compile script button, and then select file | save.

run chrome and check about:memory to see the results.

Chairman Steve,
Apr 10, 2011, 6:56 PM