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Raw Data AoB Extractor

If you have any experience creating prehacks or Array of Bytes (AoB) hacks for flash games, you know It can be a huge pain copy copy down the byte code given by Sothink's SWF Decompiler. This program makes cleaning the p-code out of raw data super easy. Simply copy the Action Script raw data from Sothink into the AoB extractor and click "get AoB"

With the Xtra tools, the First textbox takes the input, the second and third textboxes are output.
The root variable tool is very handy for changing root variables with Cheat Engine.
The 4 Byte tool is handy for calculating values for flash games to search for in cheat engine. It converts plain number to 4byte*8, 4byte*8+6, and 0x16 (base 16)

Raw Data AoB Extractor
Raw Data AoB Extractor
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The following prerequisites are required:
  • Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64)
If these components are already installed, you can download the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.


Standalone Application

Online Version - requires Silverlight

1.55 Source

.NET Framework Resources

Additonal Features

  • Optional hex highlighting, helps distinguish AoB from p-code
  • Optional BBCode for posting formatted AoBs onto forums
  • NOP Selection available by right click menu in the edit pane.
  • also available is some clipboard (right click| paste) action in the lefthand pane.
  • clicking AoB output boxes automatically copies the AoB to the clipboard
  • Automatic AoB Length checking

Change Log:

  • New Features
    • add-on to post AoBs with just a few extra clicks
    • New update agent allows you to ignore updates

  • New Features
    • window is now realizable
    • ildasm output formatting for easy editing - currently in alpha stages

  • Bug fixes
    • fixed crash on failure to connect to update server
    • fixed 'NOP selection' function
  • New Features
    • added wildcard (??) selection to context menu
    • aob swap cheat table generator added to Xtras menu
    • AoB inverter added to Xtras menu

  • new features
    • Automatically checks for updates at start. probably more annoying than helpful

  • new features
    • added AVM2 u30 output to the CE 4bytes conversion tool.
  • bug fixes
    • several

  • new features
    • added base16 (0x16) out put to the CE 4bytes conversion tool.
  • bug fixes
    • fixed the nop code so it will accept single bytes instead of just full lines. this was broken by the NOP fix in the last update. sorry.

  • bug fix
    • made NOP Selection less likely to garble non hex code.

  • added 4byte tool in the xtras menu
  • minor graphics updates.

  • added root variable address tool in the Xtras menu
  • added clipboard to the two AoB output textboxes

  • added Automatic AoB Length checking to ensure equality in the array length
    • this is mostly to cover my ass because the NOP Selection will occasionally add extra spaces, but it is helpful to see if you miscounted bytes too.

  • added "NOP Selection" command available by right click menu in the edit pane. its a bit finicky if you select multiple lines